brotherfather is proud to announce their first full EP, "Walk it Off," recorded over a single weekend by Dan Mehrmann at Jettison Studios. Mixed and mastered by Chris Turnbaugh at Studio CTS. Cover art by Meg DeGonia.

The EP showcases seven tracks from the St. Louis rock band, including a re-recording of "Stick Around," which received a Riverfront Times' Readers Choice Award nomination in the category of best local single.

The album will is available online and at brotherfather shows.

"Brotherfather, the new St. Louis band, rocks so f*cking hard. That is all."

- Kentucky Knife Fight, Twitter (Feb 25, 2013)

"[John Krane's] new electric project, brotherfather, is a stone gem, like Paul Simon fronting a 90's Seattle band. "Stick Around" is one of 2012's best recordings. High Praise? Yep."

- Eleven Magazine (Oct 11, 2012)

"Brotherfather's recorded version of "Stick Around" may be my favorite STL song this year"

- Eleven Magazine (Dec 13, 2012)


brotherfather is a St. Louis rock band, formed in 2011. It consists of Dustin Sholtes (drums), Chris Turnbaugh (bass), John Krane (lead vocals and guitar), and Nicholas Horn (lead guitar).

These professional musicians met on Twatter, a precursor to Twitter with no character limits or online connectivity. They discussed their mutual love of garage rock, post-rock, rock rock, and incest. The name "brotherfather" refers to when a person's brother is also his or her father, a phenomena that occurs regularly in the St. Louis Metro East.

brotherfather's songs feature complex musical passages coupled with simple musical passages, occasionally with heavy distortion to make things seem less pretentious. Krane's lyrics take a dadaist approach to contemporary subjects to highlight the inherent vulgarity of modern consumption. There is also a song about smoking marijuana and playing a banjo.

brotherfather's song "stick around" was nominated for "best local single of the past 12 months" in the Riverfront Times' "Best of 2013" poll. It failed to win and was beaten severely.

The band is currently preparing an album, "Walk it Off," which will be available in late 2013.


8 Nov. 2013 Album Release Show

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